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To all our customers we offer a full service package. From breakdown on the road to the towing of accidents and supplying a replacement car. With our own workshop we can help customers quickly back on the road or define a correct diagnosis. For every customer we can offer the appropriate solution. Our customers are insurance companies, garages, individuals, police, car park managers, port operators, and many others ...

Roadside assistance

In order to get the customers back on track we have intervention vehicles equipped to ensure repair on the spot. These are controlled by technicians, all with years of experience and they all got a profound training. Each one, friendly guys, after all they are the ambassadors of our company and our insurance customers. Our tow trucks are our working tool. We expect to help all customers on spot. So everybody can continue as soon as possible with his daily activities. Only if a repair is really not possible we proceed to tow. Our immediate solution rate of breakdowns amounts almost 80%. This makes us the undisputed leader of the region.

Towing of vehicles

In case of accidents or in case the breakdown on site cannot really be solved we proceed to drag. The hoist cars are equipped with the most modern materials to tow easily and without damage . We have never left a car behind, with our strong and maneuverable cranes we can get everywhere. It's even possible to take several cars with one tow truck.

International repatriation

We focus primarily on urgent trips. This up to 4 cars at a time. You will receive a good service for a competitive kilometer price. And also are you sure you vehicle priority treatment. For example, we regularly deliver new exclusive cars in the south of Europe. Or we can arrange an urgent home pick of defective vehicles because it cannot long stand still. As transport of rally cars, shiny old-timers, expensive equipment, etc. In short everything that is not in the ordinary car transport is done, before you can count on us. 24/24

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