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ADB Brugge is a young and professional recovery company

- ADB BRUGGE is part of a international network for recovery troughout Europe
- ADB BRUGGE is working with all legal insurances , transport licence, Vincotte control labels for all lifting equipments, CMR insurances
- ADB brugge's drivers are in the possesion of a "Alpha Pass" for most of the european Harbours.
- ADB brugge is working in Bruges with Scania , Volvo, Daf and MAN trucks for recovery and repairs
- We are working for DKV, TAI, MONDIAL, ETHIAS, IPA car and truck, VAB/VTB, EUROPE ASSISTANCE ...
- We are used to charge your truck or car into the ferry so you can pick it up at arrival of the vesel.
- Our location is at 20 minutes from Zeebruges and Ostend, and about 2.5 hours from Calais.
- Our company has a protected parking and can stock your cars waiting for pick up by your partners, also we can do all necessary handling for your customers as we have a fleet of "Europe Car" replacements cars available.
- We work also for all police offices and can arrange hotels, taxi's, train (station of bruges at 3 km available) and clients are able to wait in our waiting room in which drinks are available.

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