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ADB is specialized in almost everything but is concerning towing especially known in the sector of trucks and buses. Through our dispatching, we help clients all over Europe. Where possible, we intervene with our own vehicles on site, if this is not possible due to timing or distance, we send one contractual partner on site. In dialogue with ADB and the customer we offer the best solution. We have in house four tow trucks equipped to help the giants of the road. Together with two service vehicles, deployable at all times with skilled technicians, we can everything.

Roadside assistance

With the combination of our service vehicles and trained technicians we are able to fix pretty much truck breakdowns along the way. If the possibility arises that there may be specific parts needed, we can send a tow truck on site including a mobile workshop. We offer this service all over the Benelux countries and, where necessary, even throughout Europe. Therefore we can count on our network of contractual partners.

Towing of accidents

If you, as a owner of a transport company, hear that one of your trucks is involved in an accident everything goes through you. What has happened? How about my driver? Can my truck or bus be repaired? ... Soon it becomes clear that this can have major consequences. The first step is gathering information, the second will be to recover your truck and cargo.

In the context of a tow master this is just the same. First, we must gather information. Every situation is different and must be analyzed before we can go on site with the appropriate equipment. This effort should ensure that as little as possible additional damage is made to the vehicle and cargo, including everything is 100% as planned and safe. From our experience in the world of towing, we know all these activities enlarge the bill. Therefor we always try to send the most efficient resources on the road, always accompanied by someone with at least 5 years of experience.

ADB has 4 heavy tow trucks equipped with lift arms (up to 40 tons), winches (up to 60 tons), and a very heavy crane of 85 ton/m. Thanks to our privileged partnerships, we can get specific materials (telescopic crane, loader, excavator, etc.) on the place of intervention. To offer you a quality service possible, the most irreproachable.
Towing of accidents we manage all over Europe, with specialization in the Benelux region. When the distance is very long or there is a large time pressure in the game then we let a contractual partner go on site. We stand him in time to hoist or follow the work closely.

International repatriation

Your truck stranded in a foreign country for any reason. We repatriate your truck with or without a trailer home. We can provide transport of your tractor or offer you a replacement tractor if you wish. Dragging in the European Union is not obvious. Depending on the country or the cop who stops you accidentally there are different rules and laws. We have anticipated by providing our tow trucks with a TUV certification, CE Mark and transport license. Every detail and every safety device is carefully monitored by our internal control system based on the ISO method. Therefore we can not only prove that our tow trucks are suitable for this work, but it is more difficult for the controller to comment on our trail.

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