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ADB-BRUGGE in Oostkamp started in 1998 as a garage company.
Today we are a full towing company which is specialised in towing regular cars, motorbikes, trucks, lorries and coatch. Every employee is trained and can use one of our 10 modern and technical approved (Vincotte) towingtrucks. Each of these vehicles contains everything to complete a breakdown aid or towing job till the end. We work for almost every insurance company. We help the police force to clean the road. And we annualy pick up hundreds of vehicles from France and Italy. ADB Brugge has easy acces to all nearby ports like Zeebruges, Antwerp, Calais, ...
Special vehicles which are a impossible for other companys, are no problem for us. We transport everything that is or was standing on wheels, up to 140 tons. Take a walk through our site so you can learn to know us better.
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